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Day 4 of 31 Days of Creative Prompts for Stitchers on Instagram

Today is day 4 of @lolliandgrace #stitchandshare for the month of July. The 4th prompt is your favorite stitch, my favorite stitch is the Back Stitch, most of my work is done in back stitch, I like the simple look of the outlines especially when using variegated floss as shown here in a piece I did in August 2016.
Tatsuta-Hime (pronounced tat-SUE-tah HEE-may) is a minor wind Goddess, It is said that each year Tatsuta-Hime, Goddess of dyeing and weaving, dyes silk yarn and weaves a beautiful multicolored tapestry of yellow, orange, russet, crimson and gold.  She then incarnated Herself as wind and blew Her own work to shreds, the scattering cloth resembling the blowing leaves of autumn.

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A Birthday, Beach Day and Stitching

Today is day 1 of @lolliandgrace #stitchandshare for the month of July.The first prompt is what got you into stitching? For me it was a part of the times going back to 1968, yes not a typo. I was taught to hand sew by my grandmother when I was 7 hand embroidery became a natural extension of that. In 1968 being one of those flower child hippie girls I would embroider flowers and peace symbols on my jeans using a satin stitch, back stitch or running stitch, though back them I didn’t even know stitches had names. The photo is a very early work that I did from an Erica Wilson pattern. I made it for a late friend, it hung in her home from the day I gave it to her until she passed it was returned to me by one of her children who I taught to sew years ago and thought I would like it back. I look at it and can see so many mistakes but I will say my satin stitch snake if beautiful. I stopped hand embroidery some time in the mid 1970’s right after I hand embroidered 2000 daisy on a friends wedding dress which 3 of her friends made for her. She dream when she was about 12 that her weeding dress would have 2000 daisies and she got them. I picked it back up in 1980 while pregnant with my only child, to make a few samplers for his room. I moved onto quilting which I do entirely by hand. Then in 2014 I had the urge to do hand embroidery again while shopping in a quilt shop for fabric and came across a class offered which included hand embroidery from the book Patchwork Loves Embroidery by Gail Pan. I haven’t put my needle down since. In 2021 I did a personal challenge to hand embroider a Goddess a Month and I am currently working on a Greenman image and finishing kit from Cozy Blue called Lunar Flow.

I am also planning to take part in the SAL starting on July 27th for more information you can check out the link

Today is my 67th birthday, time does fly when you get to a certain age for me it was around 45 since then the days just seem to pass in a flash. For my birthday my son and I went to my favorite beach, his wife stayed home since she is currently using a face cream for treatment of skin cancers and doesn’t want to spend too much time in the sun and she isn’t a beach person and since she knows I love the beach (my happy place) she suggested we go without her. Recently she found out her cat is ill with cancer and at 18 years old she wants to be near her as much as possible. She surprised me with some lovely flowers.

The day was perfect for the beach a little too breezy but the sun was shining despite the gathering clouds which passed by quickly. Before the beach we had lunch at the Funky Pelican and then I finally got to walk the Flagler Beach pier, something I have wanted to do for a few years.

Goddess figurine that reminds me of sea glass

On the way home we stopped at a Ukrainian Bakery and picked up several slices of cake to try back at home, I didn’t think to snap a photo of the cakes but I did get the counter case.

I also picked up some potato and cheese perogies which I will cook over the weekend. It was a wonderful day but it’s always good to get back home. My daughter in law and son left around dinner time for the downtown protest that are popping up all over in light of the Roe v Wade decision.

I will end my post with the last pages of my 30 days of Goddess journal for June, the word was bless.

The tree service still hasn’t come to remove the fallen trees they were scheduled for tomorrow but called and said it would be Monday, I reminded them it was a holiday and they said no problem. I am not confident since they didn’t show up last weekend and rescheduled so I ask my son whether he would rather go with another company. One good thing is he won’t have to hang about all day tomorrow and can spend the say with his wife on her birthday.

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Stormy Days and Broken Trees

On Thursday in the late afternoon a fierce storm blew through with heavy rain, high winds, and hail. Tornado warning were in effect and as I went to step outside to move my hanging planted I stopped in the doorway and watched as palm tree branches flew through the air while the wind roared louder than anything I have ever heard. I grabbed my phone to record the sight only to realize it may be a tornado.

I stepped into the interior of my house briefly to rethink making a video, which I have trouble doing on my cell phone. My love of watching the rain won out and I opened my door once again and witnessed the little playhouse lift and tumble across the street from one neighbors house to the other. I did snap a few photos of the rain, the bits of trees in the driveway are the early pieces, by the time the storm was over the entire lawn and driveway were covered it bits of debris.

When the worst of the storm finally ended I stepped outside to check the yard where a few weeks ago we lost big limb and had arranged for a tree service to remove the tree, which is actually an old growth shrub taller than most of the trees in my yard.

Too close for comfort

So I looked back and saw another limb had fallen and also a branch from the tree behind it.

What I thought was two more branches down was actually 5, several leaning onto other tree limbs, they poor birds were flying back and forth to the obstructed feeder, all I could think of is I hope there were no nest in those fallen limbs. After I snapped this photo I realized it looks like a heart and even though mine was breaking at the broken trees I felt everything would be alright.

The tree service is supposed to come in the afternoon, I sure hope they make it though with all the damaged trees in the area I won’t be surprised if they have to reschedule. I surely hope not. I don’t have the heart to look about the yard after yesterday’s storm to see if any other branches have fallen.

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Happy Summer Solstice

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Closing in on Summer

The weather here has been sunny, hot and humid, very typical in north central Florida this time of year. As I grow older the humidity has a way of making me feel cranky deep into my bones. Not a mean or nasty crankiness, more annoyed because I have to limit myself during certain times of the day because I have trouble breathing when the air feels so thick you could part it like a curtain.

My morning walks begin much earlier to avoid the heat of the day so lately instead of driving to my favorite walking trail I have been strolling around my neighborhood. It’s an interesting walk to pass houses as my view instead of groves of trees, some neighbors are working in their gardens before the heat of the day forces them indoors, believe me this is a trick I learned years ago when dehydration laid me up for several days because I just didn’t realize how hot it was. Those were my early days in Florida when I didn’t know any better, now I know and I follow the unwritten rule.

On my neighborhood walk the birds still sing their songs often quite a chorus of birds singing, crows laughing as I place each step carefully in front of the other. Squirrels scurry about looking for a snack or more likely a bird feeder to invade and every once in a while I see a opossum waddling on its way. As I make my way home from my walk cars start to pull out of driveways, trash cans are dragged to the curb and a few laughing children pile into a car to begin their day.

This morning after my walk, I filled the bird feeders, myself a cup of coffee and sat outside to work on my 30 days of goddess journal. Here is yesterday’s page, the word was Free.

Working on yesterday’s page began while I was walking along the park trail after a doctor’s appointment, there was a spring in my step as my mind wandered to the word for the day, Free, for as long as I can remember I have always been a free spirit, so while walking yesterday I came up with 5 finger prayers to sum up free I didn’t use them in my page but here they are.

I am free to explore, I am free to experience, I am free to learn, I am free to express, I am free to love and then an extra I am free to feel.

The five finger prayers came from a video by Molly Remer of Brigid’s Grove, the concept is simple, use your fingers to count down 5 affirmations, prayers, or spells in place of prayer beads. I love this concept and have been doing the five fingers every few days.

My 30 days of goddess pages for today June 17th the word is Flower, I had planned from the moment I saw the word in the prompts list to use images of flowers, some goddess stickers from the print outs provided by Brigid’s Grove and lot’s of quotes I have saved for use in my journal.

I baked a blueberry bread earlier today from the blueberries I picked in early Spring, I froze most of them to use once blueberry season is over. I love the U-Pick farms and hope to find a few local places to pick summer fruits.

I am planning to bake something special for the Summer Solstice possibly a lemon cake or something using blackberries.

I came across 2 copies of Airmid’s Journal while I was looking through back issues of various magazine to use in my 30 days of goddess journal. The issues are July 2020 and May 2021, the cover art is just stunning don’t you think? Anyway, I put aside what I was doing to read through both.

Airmid or Airmed, is the Celtic goddess of healing and herbs, she is also a goddess of Irish mythology and folklore meaning that associations with her can be found all over Ireland.

This is my Airmid hand embroidered goddess I made in December 2021 as part of my Goddess of the Month hand Embroidery project.

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Just a Thought

Crone Goddess

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.

We are expecting clouds and rain throughout the day so I’m posting a little sunshine to brighten the day.

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And Just Like That It’s June

Here we are starting a brand new month full of endless possibilities , though I am wondering what happened to the last weeks of May, time does fly.

My 30 Days of Goddess pages for June 1st the word is Plant

Here is the last 30 Days of Goddess page for May, the word is Begin.

The Word for May 30th was Bloom so I tried to fill as much space with flowers as I could.

My newest purchases from Brigid’s Grove was the new June 30 days of goddess journal and 2 teal goddess figurines.

I finally managed some hand embroidery time so I put in some stitching on both the Greenman piece and the Moon Flow piece. I noticed when I was stitching the moon phases I forgot to stitch the little flowers in the center, I did the stem and leaves but for some reason forgot the flowers.

The stitching on the greenman took me about an hour to do those Ivy leaves, one of the reasons it’s called slow stitching.

When I left off I only had 3 or 4 leaves done so progress is slow but any progress is good progress. I’m just glad the urge to stitch again came over me, I learned a long time ago not to stitch when not in the mood because I wind up pulling all the stitching out.

I did purchase the other Cheryl Baker Dragonfly tin sign for my summer altar. I just love Cheryl Baker’s creations they often have a bit of whimsy to them. Over the years I have purchased several of her stationery sets.

These is a new Greenman on the altar and this week I received a lovely gift of a Gaia statue which looks just lovely on my altar among the other goddesses.

I’m happy to say I have hired a new lawn service to cut my grass. I interviewed the company on Thursday and they were kind enough to point out a fallen tree branch in my yard.

Luckily it didn’t fall on the house but a bit too close for comfort so this week I will be looking for a tree service to either trim the branches or to remove the tree entirely, which I would like to avoid.

On a positive note the new lawn service cut the grass Saturday and did a wonderful job trimming around the boulders along the driveway. So that’s one thing out of the way that needed to be done. One other positive note is the pear tree has quite a few pears on the branches.

am quite happy to see so many fruits, though I didn’t really have much hope for them because whoever planted the tree never gave the location much thought because the big oak tree and surrounding trees have blocked out most of the sunlight, however, in the autumn my neighbors cut down most of the trees in their yard so more sunlight finally reached the tree, and I gave it a bit of fertilizer in the autumn.

A visit to the library last week to pick up a book I had requested, Traveling with Pomegranates by Sue Monk Kidd and Ann Kidd Taylor, it’s a large print book so I can see what I am reading. Too often I pick up a book and the print is so light or so small I can’t see it even with my glasses on so when a large print book is available I check it out. Also on my reading list for the week is the last 2 issues of Beach Combing magazine.

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A few new addtions to my Spring Altar

I bought 2 lovely Pink goddesses for my Spring altar from Brigid’s Grove, lately I have been feeling pink and wanted a few new goddesses to flow from spring to summer, they look so pretty on my altar with the pink roses and carnations.

I also purchased this lovely tin dragonfly sign from Cheryl Baker Arts, I love dragonflies and thought this would look wonderful on my altar.

I ordered some tea from Twinings, it arrived on Tuesday I put the box aside and finally opened it Thursday morning. I bought 5 boxes of tea, mostly black tea and 1 citrus herbal.

Tea as far as the eye can see

Free tea and a sweet little card

At Christmastime my sister made up gift basket which included a Twinings tea sampler with about 50 varieties of tea, I passed the green tea onto my daughter in law because I haven’t been able to tolerate the taste since I got sick back in March 2022. Anyway, there was English Breakfast tea with lemon and English Afternoon Tea I loved both so much I tried finding it at our local Publix, when I couldn’t find it I went directly to the source. I bought English Breakfast (decaf), English Afternoon, English Breakfast with lemon, English breakfast with probiotics, and Lemon Delight herbal tea. If you are wondering why so many boxes of tea and why so similar? Aside from drinking a cup or more a day I’m planning to make iced tea which I usually make by the half gallon so the tea will be gone in a flash.

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Beltane Blessing to All

The start of a new month brings so many new possibilities, new creative ideas are forming, and started projects are making progress.

Late last night I began to prep my new 30 Days of Goddess journal for May, I like to prepare my book a few days before the start of the new month, it has become a small significant ritual for me to the point where I consecrate my book with a little ceremony and offering to goddess.

Front Cover
Inside front cover
May journal prompt words
Back Cover

The 30 Days of Goddess prayer book journal is available via the Brigid’s Grove Etsy shop You can also join the Facebook group where it’s offered as a free printable here:

Or you can join through the Brigid’s Grove website here

The journals are offered as a monthly book or printable and also a 3 month short form log book with 3 days entries on a page and a blank page for whatever you wish.

I have a few new craft projects in the works in regard to hand embroidery I have 2 shirts I want to embroider on, one shirt is a button down light denim shirt and the other is a lovely white cotton lawn shirt. For the denim shirt I am planning a Greenwoman motif and possibly a Greenman as well on the back.

For the white shirt I am thinking of using plant dyes and embroidering all sorts of herbs and wildflowers on it, mostly what is in my garden and grows in my favorite places I walk. I may even use Tataki zome which is a Japanese technique of hammering plants to create printed patterns on fabric or paper, funfact (Funnily enough Hapa Zome came from an artist getting the name wrong, now its more widely used than Tataki zome which is the correct name for it.).

Tataki Zome
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A little bit

This month is moving along at a steady pace, and recovering from surgery seems to be going smoothly, last Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. the surgeon called me with the result of my biopsy from the fibroid removed on the 4th, there is no cancer or precancerous cells, which is great news.

When the doctor first told me who was calling I felt my heart drop to my feet, at nine in the evening I never expected to get a call from the surgeon and with good news too. I really hadn’t given it much thought because it’s rare for a fibroid to be cancerous. I am relieve though because my thought since falling ill in 2020 is what next? I hate to be so negative but it seems this old body is fighting me in regaining my health.

I haven’t done any stitching on any of my hand embroidery projects since my last update, I’ve just been so tired I don’t have the energy to do much after my daily chores and errands are done. I’m not about to stitch and then have to snip it all out because I didn’t like it. So I’m getting in some letter writing and reading.

I have been doing my daily goddess journal which keeps me connected to the goddess and my spiritual path. Here are a few of my most recent pages.

April 24th the word is tentative
April 23rd the word is tender
April 22nd the word was held and it was Earth day

Today while watering my plants I noticed the gardenia shrub has quite a few large buds they should open in a few days.

Gardenia buds

The Mexican petunias have been blooming daily and a few bees have been taking turns between them and the dandelions.

Mexican Petunias

One of the stray cats that visit my yard has taken to sitting on the roof, I think for a better view of the birds coming and going to the feeders. I picked up a hanging basket of Petunias on Friday purple, pink and white. I love these simple little flowers and they add much needed color to my patio.

My copy of the Green Witch’s Herbal by Amy Cesari came on Easter Sunday, what a lovely surprise. This has fast become my favorite in her coloring book of shadows series.

I’m also just about all caught up reading some magazines that have come in.

I hope to get back to stitching this week, I’m feeling much better and not as tired as I was last week and I really would like to make some progress because I have a new project in mind but I don’t want to start it until I make more progress on the current projects I’m doing.

Can you believe Beltane is almost here?

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