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Wishing you all a great first harvest.




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Settling In is Slow

Unpacking is progressing at a better pace this week and the house is starting to resemble a home with most of the books now on shelves with all those boxes out of the way I can see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak and the kitchen floor.
I’m glad to have the task behind me and would love to say it won’t happen again but I am a reader, a lover of books so as long as I breathe there will always be books to unpack and shelves to put them on.
I did get in a little stitching yesterday afternoon not much because I popped something in my hand again earlier in the week so the tingling and numbness made holding the needle too uncomfortable after a bit.
The inner ring is nearly complete and after pulling out several stitches for the third time I put her aside.  While I was stitching I decided to change the color of the flower portion of the piece. I was planning a light lavender or green when it hit me to use rainbow colors, so I toss around the idea a bit in my head and looked at the piece wondering a different color of the rainbow for each flower, or each petal.  Then it hit me I unpacked a box of forgotten craft items some were hanks and skeins of embroidery floss, this Threadwork 1154 aka Bradley’s Balloons may just be what I was thinking of.
It has the rainbow quality I want, it’s a variegated floss so the colors will just flow so I won’t have to change colors for each flower or petal.
Lately I have had the urge to embroider a sunflower or two and somewhere among my patterns I have a kit with sunflowers on it, well time will tell what I have time for.  Did you ever get an urge to embroider something specific?
Speaking of flowers this week some lovely Mexican Petunias popped up in the front of my house.
I guess all the rain we have been getting urged them to come up, I’m so glad they did I love these pretty little flowers each evening the flower falls off and in the morning a new one appears.
I put my crescent moon statue out as soon as I pulled it off the truck,  I have a few other ornamental pieces to place in this area which will eventually be placed here and there.
20190712_143921 For now gardening isn’t even a consideration, our growing season tapers off in the high heat drenching rain summer days here in Florida, with the arrival of autumn I’m sure I’ll be more settled and have a few planters in place.
In the meantime I am thinking about what and where to plant, how to go about creating permanent garden out of this mess. My instinct is to fill in the hole that was to be a pond, the placement is wrong, the limestone wouldn’t allow for fish to thrive.

I do love the tropical plants and it has a natural vibe so I have been checking local plant nurseries.  I would like to make a sacred space in the clearing, perhaps a small labyrinth. But right now my body needs to rest and heal after the move, at 64 I may have made the mistake of not hiring outside help with the move.  By the fall I should be well on the mend so while I recover I can longingly look at my collected seed tin, look over some garden catalogs for native plants and gather my ideas.

Here is a link to one of my favorite blogs that I have been reading for years, if you haven’t visited please do.

The Evolution of Bealtaine Cottage…a Fifteen Year Odyssey


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Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July


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Happy Summer Solstice

Living in an area where we often lose power during some of the summer rain storms there is always candles on hand, packing them with a few candle holders was a great idea during the move and makes a quick summer altar.


Taking a break from unpacking boxes to welcome the Summer Solstice.

May the longest day of the year light your way to wonderful moments this summer.

white altar lit


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Moving is Under Way

I have spent the last few weeks house hunting, buying the house and scanning nearly endless amounts of forms before the closing, which was on May 29th.  So  the next few weeks I will be busy making the move from one house to the other.  I did manage to get a bit of stitching in thought not much.

I put the Celtic Cross aside and opted to work on a less intricate piece just to unwind in the evenings. She is another piece for the drum and dance series I am doing.


Here is a peak at part of the garden area at my new house, its a pond the wasn’t I will be filling in the pond hole and planting some native plants and create an outside altar.


The clearing is to the the right of the pond area will make a nice place for outdoor ritual space, though nothing much will be done until after the summer months.


These lovely limestone boulders along my driveway are part of what attracted me to the


house, I believe one of the owners intended to have the idea of a dry river bed to the pond as there are lots or river rock along the side of the house with the boulders leading the way to the pond area.  Unfortunately the pond with waterfall was poorly designed.




And with limestone rocks as the waterfall you couldn’t put fish in the pond.

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A short post

Hello all with my impending move approaching my posting will be quite sporadic over the next few weeks, the house closing is on the 31st of this month, most of June will have me moving from one home to unpacking and setting up house in the other. Right now for me I am purging my closets and cabinets donating stuff I no longer use, and combing my bookshelves for more books I have read or no longer have an interest in reading.

My hand embroidery and crochet projects have been put aside for now though I’m sure there will be moments when I just need to stitch I have a small travel case set up for just such needs, more than likely it will be small stitching pieces or practicing stitches I still wobble.

My latest update on the Celtic Cross:


Have a great day!

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A New Hand Embroidery Project on My Hoop

The day after Mother’s Day started off cloudy with the sound of distant thunder rolling in.  The rain was supposed to ease off after 11 in the morning but that never happened, in fact the rain continues steadily on as I type this.

Last night after spending Mother’s Day with my son I had time to unwind with a bit of hand embroidery, I had a new project I’ve been anxious to get started so after I ironed a few pieces I set my project in my hoop and began the first stitches of a Celtic Cross.


As I mentioned before I began stitching the Celtic Cross I did a quick pressing with my iron on a few pieces I finished stitching but am waiting to finish with framing them or making a wall hanging. These are all a part of my Drum and Dance series.

The first photo I was debating whether to add little stars to the skirt but decided not to eventually I will reuse the pattern to make one or two others I’d like to do one with a separate fabric skirt.  The second photo was stitched but I forgot to rinse off the stitch and wash product before I put it aside. The 3rd photo I just recently finished stitching, I have two other pieces for this series ready on fabric just waiting to be started, with a possible move coming up if all goes as planned with the house purchase I won’t have time for another new project so they will wait until after the move.  As I look up at the photos I now think making a small wall quilt with all the dance drum pieces may work too.


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Happy May Day!


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Beltane Blessing to All!




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