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on October 5, 2014

While I may not have this view outside my window the internet certainly has an abundance of Autumn photos to enjoy.  I would just love to walk through these trees.  A trip northward seems to be in my future.
In the mean time I am feeling somewhat better with more energy this week so I have been sorting through yarn and patterns and fabric and beads to get crafting again.  I did come across a lovely free crochet pattern for this sweater:


It is a Kristin Omdahl design and I am very found of her patterns, I have made a few of her shawls in the past.  Her website is here if you want to check it out Now I just need to choose the colors, yarn etc.

Despite feeling ill all these weeks I have been in a very creative mood and doing a little crafting and needlework here and there, today I drove across town to visit one of our local quilt shops Tomorrow’s Treasures to see what’s new in fabrics, books, etc. I also wanted to see the classes are offered this month, I had briefly scanned my newsletter for info but a trip to the quilt shop is such a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning. To my surprise and delight there is a Hand Embroidery class offered for two session starting this Tuesday, I signed up and with the supply list in hand off I went to browse the many bolts of fabric for what I need but not before I met the instructor.


I was delighted to learn she was putting together a ‘kit’ for the class and she put together most of a kit for me so I could purchase it before I left, it includes the book, embroidery floss, needles, a hoop, pearl cotton, wool felt and cream fabric, the instructor will supply the ground walnut shells and fusible interfacing during class. And of course I bought more fabric then I need but really can one ever have too much fabric? Err don’t answer that. Here is the kit including the book by Gail Pan in the photo above.

The class will run from 1:00-4:00 this Tuesday and next Tuesday and we will be making this pincushion and the needle book which is shown on the front cover of the book:


Anyway I am enrolled in the class, bought my fabric, the kit and gathered other supplies that I will need, now I just hope enough people sign up for the class. I am no stranger to embroidery but every now and then its nice to gather with others.


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