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Hand Embroidery Class The Finished Projects

on October 16, 2014

Early this week I had my last hand embroidery class and both my project came out quite nicely, I enjoyed the class and as I hand stitched my pieces I could feel my confidence build and my body relaxed into a steady rhythm, memories of days when I was a young woman of 20 or so embroidering flowers and peace symbols on the jeans of all my friends and my own as well.

The stitches all came back to me and to my dismay the french know would still be a challenge to me, the first few looked like mini cauliflower heads, after snipping and ripping and restitching them a few times I decided to leave them as they are so I have some thing to compare my progress to.

In the photos below are my completed projects next to the page in the book, Patchwork Loves Embroidery by Gail Pan.

The pincushionIMG_8009

The Needle book IMG_8004


The class was offered at a local quilt shop and it was the first time they offered a hand embroidery class, I was the only student and was very surprised the class wasn’t cancelled due to lack of students, the instructor DeeAnn is a lovely and talented woman, with lots of patience and a great sense of humor too.

I enjoyed the first class so much I enrolled in the crayon tinting for embroidery class, I have used crayon tinting for quilts and cross stitch so this should be quite similar.

For me it was a real learning experience as I realized my sewing skills need to be taken into the 21st century, I still use scissors and a template to cut pieces for a quilt and when you have severe carpal tunnel and arthritis it can take days to cut fabric, using a rotary cutter is so much faster I just need to get a better grasp at how to use one.

Here are a few of my progress photos of the my projects


Photo 1: The first bird on the flower stem, Photo 2: One large flower done photo 3: Finished piece with some wonky french knots.


Photo 4: waiting to be stitched, Photo 5: all done and my french knots and lazy daisy stitches look better.


The pattern above was sent to me by a friend after I wrote an earlier post about taking the class, she wanted to encourage me to keep embroidering after the class, I love Crab Apple Hill patterns and this one will give me a chance to not only to keep up embroidery but it has crayon tinting too.  I have a few sketches of some embroidery pieces I would like to make once my stitching improves.

For the crayon tinting for embroidery class we will be using this Crab Apple Hill Pattern for our project. I bought the kit offered through the shop so I would be sure to attend the class.



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