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Early Plans for November

on November 1, 2014

Wow another month over and a new one just beginning, last month I attended a hand embroidery class and a crayon tinting class at a local quilt shop, I posted the projects once they were completed, I am still working on the crayon tinting embroidery piece and I am making great strides in improving my embroidery stitches, and as of this week I have much better control over the french knots.

This is the piece I am working on from the crayon tinting for embroidery class, its a lovely Crab Apple Hill pattern, gosh I surely love these patterns.


I have one row of wording left to embroider and then I move onto the snowflake, I am going to snip out the french knots up by the word merry and redo them as some of them look like mini cauliflower heads.


The french knot in the letter Q is much better, for me using a short needle and a short length of thread is key to working the stitch to actually knot without a loop.

I took advantage of the cool weather this morning and finally trimmed the overgrown shrubs in front of my windows, after losing so much of my garden this spring and early summer I just didn’t have the heart to plant an autumn garden and recovering from the viral infection has been a slow process so I pretty much let the weeds grow wild.  One good thing is the shrubs did flower which they haven’t done since I moved here 3 years ago.  I also cut back my rose bushes.

This month if my schedule allows I plan to attend a few classes at a local Yarn Shop, there is a Kimono Kardi for crochet on the 5th and a Beginning Tatting class on the 19th, as long as enough people show up for the class it won’t be cancelled so I sent an email to let them know early that I want to attend both classes, there is also a knitted shawl class but I need to think about it cause my knitting skills are still at beginning stage.

Well that’s about it for now I’m going to go brew some tea and read through a few catalogs and letters that came in today’s mail, don’t forget to set your clocks back tonight.



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