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Spring and what I’m working on

on March 21, 2015

While I am waiting for a nasty split in my finger to heal before I can add stitches to my Greenman piece I have been adding rows to my crocheted shawl which now measures 32 inches across, I am using a bamboo/silk blend for the shawl the photo with the measuring tape


is a more accurate depiction of the actual color though it doesn’t show the luster of the yarn. The pattern stitch is quite simply taken from the granny square stitch I will just keep crocheting until I get the size I want or run out of yarn.

Here is the Greenman set up in the Q-snap frame showing the last stitches before I needed to take a break, after years of hand piecing quilts I have had many a split on the index finger where decades ago I had 3 huge splinters removed which left the skin susceptible to cuts and tears.


I haven’t used the Q-snap frame before so I don’t know how easily it will be to work with but I like that it gives more access to the face and the fabric is quite taut which should make stitching easier, and with more of the face showing I won’t have to stop to move the hoop as often.

I also have the blank quilt ready for me to add 12 new Greenman faces for a future hand embroidery quilt project. The white blocks are eight inches square which gives me plenty of space for drawing and stitching.


The finished test piece for one of the Goddess figures I embroidered using solid lavender and variegated purple embroidery floss. I want to make a few more test pieces using blues, reds and yellow floss and possibly enlarging the pattern.


This week my trip to the library gave me two new to me authors which will add to my goal of reading 12 new authors this year. The first book by Maria Semple grabbed my attention from the first page and I read this quirky novel into the wee hours of the morning.


The book by Lisa Van Allen I began reading in the early afternoon and before I knew it I was on chapter 7, it quietly had me wanting to read more.


This book I’ll add to my personal challenge of reading books with Thread in the title. The first was A Single Thread and the other was A Spool of Blue Thread.

Well that’s all for today Have a Wonderful first day of Spring.

flower cross-stich


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