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May Day and More

on May 3, 2015

May Day arrived here in central Florida with clear sunny skies, a cool breezes and low humidity, a near perfect day for Florida.  I welcomed Beltane with a climbed down the Devils Millhopper Sinkhole, 232 steps to the bottom.


The climb down was a breeze the climb out not so much, but I managed it and then proceeded to hike the half mile nature trail.


these are photos the water at the bottom of the sinkhole and sites to see as you make your way down the stairs. I like how the sun shines through the little cave formation.


time to climb up and ferns along the way. All in all it was a beautiful day, as we arrived there was a group of Morris dancers leaving, I wish I had known they were going to be there I would have left my house sooner.

Back in March I began working on a crocheted amulet bag from a pattern booklet of little amulet bags, I had made good progress at my stitchery group.


Then a few weeks ago I was sorting and searching my yarn bin and mistakenly packed it away, out of sight out of mind I suppose, then while climbing out of the sinkhole it came to me where I put the project, last night I put in the final stitches and the button


All in all I like the way it turned out, I think it closely resembles the photo on the cover of the pattern booklet. Next time I may change the flap and leave off the scallop edge and eventually I’d like to add beads.  I plan to make all or most of the bags in the booklet.


The final photo shows my progress on Greenman #2, he is taking on character as each leaf is stitched. This week I am reading The Psysick Book of Deliverence Dane, which took me by surprise and has  me turning page after page.



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