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Greenman #2 completed, Summer stitching is in progress

on June 5, 2015

Wow June so soon, it came while I was doing other things, mainly recuperating from a list of maladies that seemed to plague me during most of May.  Hopefully I can hang onto my improving health this entire month.

I did manage to attend another Hand Embroidery class at the local quilt shop, this class focused on fill-in stitches which was really quite interesting. Here is a look at my practice stitches and the little Embroidery I made putting some of those fill in stitches to good use.  The little stitched piece is a free download from


I never thought the blanket stitch or the chain stitch could be used to fill in a space until we looked through the Borders and Motifs book by Michaela Learner, her work is beautiful and with some practice I hope to use more of her ideas for filling in. The purple leaf is fishbone stitch and quite possibly one of my favorite new stitches, and with practice my chain stitch arced the way I wanted. My long/short stitches could use some work like I did in the heart, with time I’m sure my stitching will only improve.


I am amassing a rather nice collection of hand embroidery patterns, it seems every other day I discover a new designer, Bareroots being the newest.  I have a just put together all the fabrics to make the Poppy Project Bag from Crab-apple Hill studio, I had been following the progress from the hand embroidery to the finished bag on facebook,  then one day while out shopping I came across these fabrics and thought they were perfect for the bag as soon as the pattern was released I would buy this fabric.


The large flowers on the fabric remind me of the flowers on he hand embrodered flap and there is another print on the end with the little forget me not flowers too which are also on the emboridered flap.


I bought some rickrack and little flower buttons to embellish my bag, I love these Waverly Inspiration fabrics so much I also purchased the fabrics in the blue colorway, who knows maybe I’ll make two bags.

With the heat of Summer coming on fast here in central Florida hand embroidery is a nice light project to work on at home and stitchery groups, even with air conditioning a yarn project or a quilt can be too hot to work on indoors.

I would like to have most of the upcoming stichery projects on the lightbox and traced onto fabric over they next few weeks that way I will always have something to work on.  Here are a few patterns I will be tracing, the first is Hocuspocusville which I now feel confident enough to begin stitching, I purchased it in 2013 it’s the first Crab-apple Hill pattern, the one that caught my heart.


The Sunflower stitchery folder is also Crab-apple Hill, the next two are by Bird Brain Designs, and the last is by Black Cat Creations, I love the seashore and thought this would be a nice project.

My hand embroidered Greenman #2 is completely stitched and ready for finishing, I am thinking a wall hanging rather than a quilt block and Greenman #3 is traced onto fabric and waiting to be stitched, but I need a short break from green floss.



I do love hand embroidery it fills me with such calm while I work the stitches and brings back strong memories of when I was a young girl and my grandmother taught me to hand sew, I would spend endless hours stitching up one of a kind outfits for my dolls. I still love to sew by hand, though my fingers are a bit slower I still get immense pleasure stitching by hand, perhaps it is why I make  most of my quilt by hand and I can’t wait to make some of the projects from the Sewn by Hand book by Susan Wasinger picture above.

Here are some of the sites I purchased some of my patterns from.





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