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Time Flies

on July 9, 2015

It’s been a few weeks since my last post, I was away at the end of June to  celebrate my 60th birthday on July 1 I decided I wanted to see the Saturn V rocket launch on June 28th and headed down to Cocoa Beach for a few days.

The weather was beautiful for a short hike at the Canaveral National Seashore Turtle Mound, with lots of things to see and explore.


The Turtle Mound had a wooden boardwalk to hike along and lots of large spider webs along the trail, lucky for me most of the webs were on the side of the trail, I did have to bend over and duck walk in a few spots, better than a face full of webs and spiders.


two turtles munching on the grass, one as we were arriving and and two while we were  leaving, in fact this little guy decided to test our brakes as we departed, he was quite fast getting across the roadway.


For me it wouldn’t be time away without a trip to the beach,  I love the sand and surf and New Smyrna Beach was a lovely choice.


When I saw those flowers growing in the sand at the entrace to the beach it gave me hope for my own garden, my yard doesn’t have as much sand hmm may be that’s the trouble.

On the way to the hotel we had a bit of trouble with the car.


I’d say we were fortunate enough to listen to out instincts when the car began to vibrate to get off the interstate, and a few miles off the exist we swerved rapidly and heard snap! pulled into a driveway to check out the problem.  While on the phone with AAA, two gentlemen pulled in behind us and in five minutes had the tire off and the spare on.  On the way to our hotel we stopped at a tire shop to replace the donut and then contiued on our way.

Sunday morning the rocket launch was on schedule and took off beautifully, however there was a problem right after separation and the rocket couldn’t complete its mission. But lift off was a great experiece.


The rocket garden at Kennedy Space Center was just one of the exhibits to take in.


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