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A Gathering of Witches…

on August 3, 2015

…Patterns that is.

Over the last few weeks I have been gathering a nice collection of Witch patterns for hand embroidery quilt blocks and other quilts with a witch theme. The quilts vary from applique to pieced quilts.

I spent a few days tracing the 12 blocks for the Hocuspocusville Quilt from Crab-apple Hill, it such a sweet pattern of various witch houses and businesses.


I bought the pattern in 2013 however my hand embroidery at that time was a bit rusty, I hadn’t done any hand embroidery in ages.  But after several class in the Fall of 2014 and this Spring my stitching has improved greatly.

Here is a look at block number one after I finished tracing the hand embroidery pattern onto my fabric.  I had hit a few snags along the way, my first choice fabric was tone on tone and so rough it wore down the tip of my micron pen so I decided to use a plain unbleached muslin, I’m happy.


Here are some of the quilt patterns using hand embroidery for some of the blocks, a few years ago when I bought the Hocuspocusville pattern I came across the Witches In Stitches Bootique pattern but could not find it anywhere until recently.


The four patterns above are pieced and applique patterns and don’t use any hand embrodiery, and the two patterns by


McKenna Ryan above are part of a block of the month series Halloweenies, the blocks are number 3 and 8.  I only wanted the blocks with the Witches.

Let me not forget these little patterns for hand embroidery the first one is a witch and the others are Autumn


themed which fits in with my plan to make a few new linens for the Autumnal Equinox.


My peace square is completely stitched and I have mailed it off to the Artists for Peace project you can read about it


here and if you are interested in participating you stil have time to send in a peace square of your own creation.  The photo shows the sqaure just off the hoop I did press it before I mailed it.  Here is the link for more info: 


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