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Hello October

on October 2, 2015

Another new month and I’m happy to say the weather is getting cooler here in central Florida if one could say 85 degrees is cool.  September went by in a flash ending in rain and lots of humidity, good days to sit down with a good book or two, a cup of tea and lose myself in whatever adventure filled the pages.


The School of Essential Ingredients was a wonderful, quick read and such a pleasant surprise The author’s descriptions of the foods, mainly the cooking, prep work, and eating seem to have seeped beneath my skin, I have always viewed food as fuel for the body and nothing more, yet while reading the book I could almost taste the words. I have read many books dealing with cooking, foods, spices, herbs etc. yet this book moved me beyond the words, I felt something shift within me while I was reading so I went to the library yesterday to pick up the author’s Lost Art of Mixing to see if I feel the same effects.

On the hand embroidery projects I’m currently working on I am nearly done with the second block and the Holly King is coming along nicely.


I have always loved bare trees and I often wonder if they are the main reason I bought this pattern. Speaking of patterns last week I ordered another pattern from Crab-apple Hill Studio, as soon as I saw the first sketches posted on Facebook I knew I would buy the pattern and each new sketch had me checking the site daily for the release.


There was so much interest I had to wait nearly a week to order the floss kit which were out of stock when I bought the pattern. I could have used DMC floss conversion but I prefer to use what the pattern suggest especially when the colors are variegated.

The Mystery of The Salem Witches Quilt Guild is the first panel of the quilt I plan to make the full panel, then I want to make a few of the individual witches for other projects I have in mind.



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