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Time passes quickly

on November 24, 2015

Time has flown by since my last post on Halloween, two days from now we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and before we know it Yule and Christmas will be upon us and in a blink of the eye we will be starting a whole new year.

So what have I been doing since my last post you may be wondering, well on the 6th of November I went to St.Augustine for the Pirate Gathering, it was the first time I attended,  I know next time not to go on a weekday, there wasn’t much going on, though there were plenty of vendor tents to explore and I did make a few small purchases,  listened to some bawdy seafaring songs and sip some cool water.

On the 7th I went to Tavares to attend the Lady of the Lakes Medieval Faire, again my first time to this event.  There were plenty of vendors, a medieval SCA village to enjoy, some jousting and sword play presented by the SCA.


The above photo is of the Royal Court, below is a photo of the Queen and her maids.


and my favorite photo of the day had to be of this Lady of the Village doing some hand embroidery


The weekend of the 14th I was off to Sarasota for the Renaissance Faire, the theme was Scotland vs England, represented here is Robert the Bruce in the tartan and King Edward on the Living Chessboard, which was quite entertaining.


There was a wonderful jousting performance put on by Extreme Joust



Above photo the Kings patiently waiting for the jousting to begin. The day was perfect, nice breeze, low in the 70’s and sunshine all day. The vendors were plentiful with a wide variety of wares to chose from.  I look forward to attending this event next year.

Meanwhile on the stitching side of my life I completed the hand embroidery for my Holly King piece, this is a pattern from Urban Threads


I am quite pleased with the piece and now I need to decide whether I want to make a wall hanging, use it in a quilt or add to a tote bag.  I’ll keep you posted.

I have started block number three for the Hocuspocusville quilt.


I needed a change after block two so I put block 3 aside to work on the Holly King and didn’t pick it back up until now.  Well that’s what I have been doing since October, what have you been doing?


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