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Quick Stitching update

on December 8, 2015

Things are getting rather hectic around here so my post will be short, sweet and even a little silly, having online retail shops keeps a body busy during the months of November and December.

Here is a look at the progress I have made on block three of my Hocuspocusville quilt, the pattern is from Crab-Apple Hill


My fingers have been giving me problems this week so working on the stitchery is slow going, one of these days I am going to come up with a permanent remedy for the numbing and tingling my hands and fingers get until then I will just keep doing the finger exercise, massage and rest them for a few days.

Here is the Holly King all the hand embroidery is complete I just need to decide on a finish, wall hanging, quilt block, tote bag?


The pattern for the Holly King is from Urban Threads  you can find a lovely selection of embroidery patterns for both hand and machine embroidery.  I will be working on a few other Urban Threads patterns in the upcoming new year.

Well that’s all I have time for right now.


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