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Recovery, Reading and Stitching a few good things

on April 17, 2016

It has truly been a couple of rough weeks here health wise and after last Monday’s set back I thought this nuisance would be with me indefinitely; I’m happy to say that isn’t the case by Wednesday evening I started feeling better and today I feel my body is getting stronger.

I don’t know exactly what happened Monday but an hour after I swallowed my weekly 50,000 iu of Vitamin D3 my body just hurt everywhere, not a severe pain just enough to be very uncomfortable, and the deep nasty cough was back. I was so tired I slept on and off all day sadly not by choice.

I’m not sure if it was the weekly dose of Vitamin D3 along with the daily 10,000 iu but I stopped taking the daily until I’m though with the weekly dose of 50,000 iu. I dread taking this Mondays dose, if it happens again I’ll have my answer. For 3 days I stopped the second dose of my atenolol because my blood pressure was quite low and I was so tired. By Wednesday evening the horrible cough was gone, the pain was just an annoying ache and I woke up Thursday morning feeling quite good!

I’m taking things slow right now to ease back into my normal everyday life I haven’t needed a nap in two days which is good, I haven’t done much exercise except a short circuit around my back yard each day and a few errands which does leave me breathless.

With the decreased energy I have been reading quite a bit my recent trip to the library had me checking out a variety of books to keep my brain stimulated not to mention will count toward my reading challenge numbers.


There is the hand stitching which I am making progress on slowly stitching daily when its all I have energy for the hand embroidery on Yoga Tree Pose is done unless I do french knots instead of beads on those dots over the arms. This is a work in progress I may add more yoga poses to this piece or a few Om symbols at the corners or may be I will just trim off the excess fabric.


Block six for Hocuspocusville is coming along rather swiftly I was surprised by how much progress I made since last Sunday,I stopped mid stitch to snap this photo.


The Hamsa Hand is nearly done, this has been a challenge because the fabric the design is printed on is a polyester blend and is easy to snag and pull if the thread is pulled too taut. The kit was a gift from a friend so I am trying to do it justice with my stitching.



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