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13 Goddess Challenge Update

on June 16, 2016

I started taking part in the 13 Goddesses in 13 Weeks challenge on June 1st and have posted my third completed Goddess on Monday the 13th.

I chose Tatsuta-hime as my third hand embroidery piece, I was trying to get the effect of winds blowing the fabric of her dress into autumn leaves. Tatsuta-Hime (pronounced tat-SUE-tah HEE-may) is a minor wind Goddess, It is said that each year Tatsuta-Hime, Goddess of dyeing and weaving, dyes silk yarn and weaves a beautiful multicolored tapestry of yellow, orange, russet, crimson and gold.  She then incarnated Herself as wind and blew Her own work to shreds, the scattering cloth resembling the blowing leaves of autumn.


My second Goddess is my version of Baba Yaga the ‘old woman’ of autumn was called Baba by the Slavic inhabitants of eastern Europe, Boba by the Lithuanians. This seasonal divinity lived in the last sheaf of grain harvested in a year, and the woman who bound it would bear a child that year. Baba passed into Russian folk legend as the awesome Baba Yaga, a witchlike woman who rowed through the air in a mortar, using a pestle for Her oar, sweeping the traces of Her flight from the air with a broom.

My first Goddess I decided to do the simple basic Goddess figure I love making, I use this shape or one similar quite often for dolls and bead pendants, painting, crochet and embroidery, which is the medium I chose for my first weeks challenge. I love using Celtic motifs in many of my creations for this I used the Triquetra symbol to represent the 3 aspects of the triple Goddess rather than a Triskele or figures.

In keeping in the spirit of creativity this triple goddess represents some aspects of my own life: Art, Healing, Creativity, rather than the more traditional stages of a woman’s life: Maiden, Mother, Crone.

All three pieces are done on 100 % cotton fabric using cotton embroidery floss, so far I like the look and the challenge of hand embroidering my Goddesses so for now I will continue to use this medium.  There are so lovely and creative bloggers taking part in the challenge so I will include the link for you. 

I go into more detail of each goddess and other projects I am  doing on my main blog here:

The Summer Solstice is fast approaching and this year I am going to head to the beach there will be a full moon rising and I can’t think of a better place for this Moon Child to spend the start of summer than basking in a moonlight walk on the beach the one place that never fails to restore my energy and  my soul.


2 responses to “13 Goddess Challenge Update

  1. Love your taking this challenge by embroidery. They look amazing.

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