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My newest Goddesses

on July 1, 2016

I’m a bit behind on my posting summer has come on full swing and I am enjoying lots of sunshine when I can to boost those failing vitamin D levels. Over the past few weeks I have worked on a few other goddesses for the 13 Goddesses in 13 Weeks challenge, and once again I have chosen my own goddesses rather than follow the suggested themes.

This is my version of  The Great Mother Goddess  was considered a life-giving, creative, wise and protective Goddess who shaped the Earth, provided us with abundant food and gave birth to all things.


For week 5 I decided to do another Celtic goddess this one is the Cailleach her themes are balance, cycles, rebirth, overcoming and winter. Her symbols are snow and blue items. In Scottish traditions, this is a blue faced crone Goddess who blusters with power throughout the winter months. She brings the snow and cold until the wheel of time turns toward spring on Beltane (May Day) She carried a magical staff, which froze the ground with every tap.


Both of my Goddesses are done in hand embroidery using 2 strands of DMC cotton floss on cotton muslin fabric. The Cailleach is also crayon tinted.   I enjoy the challenge of making a hand embroidery of each of my goddesses, completing them each week has been a bit of a challenge but so far I have been able to keep up with the posting.


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