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on September 1, 2016

september_002 Another new month rolls in this one comes in a bit wet with a tropical storm brewing and hoping it won’t be a hurricane.

I am working on the 9th block for the Hocuspocusville quilt and happy to say I am making good progress though my fingers are feeling quite sore today.

We have finally been getting our summer rains after a very dry July and much of August, my plants are all blooming again after a week of rain showers. I am so relieved at how well they are doing and surprised that even watering with the hose the plants barely bloomed at all. In fact I thought the roses were gone for good but they are doing quite nicely.


These are a few of the plants I have in front of my house, the first is the knockout roses with all new buds, the Mexican petunias have thrived throughout the summer and next year I want to plant a long row of them in the front garden, the last photo shows the caladiums and elephant ears, the small green caladium that are next to the house sowed itself from the remains of the plant soil I tossed before potting a new plant in the old pot.



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