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Welcoming November

on November 1, 2016

While I would love for my view outside my window to be filled with the colors of autumn living in Florida for over 20 years I have learned you need to look closely to find the subtle changes to the season.  So I find a photo of two on the internet to fill my longing soul with the colors of autumn.

novI visited a pumpkin farm on the weekend before Samhain (Halloween to some) to pick up a few pumpkins and lovely bright sunflowers so I can have a bit of autumn inside my home, I placed one of the pumpkins outside with the mums to brighten my path to the front door.


I was accompanied by my sister and great niece Tessa who is just 3 and a half so we spent the afternoon wandering through the corn maze ending the day with a hayride.  The day was a cool 75 with a nice breeze in the air.

One of the trails I walk is showing signs of autumn too, here in Florida several trees loose their leaves so while they are lacking in bright colors they do have that lovely scent of decay and a wonderful crunch when stepped on.

img_9106-001 Mostly it’s the Sycamore trees I’ve noticed in the area over the years that lose their leaves they turn brown and fall rather quickly.

On Sunday I finished the hand embroidery for block 10 of the Hocuspocusville Quilt, I have two more blocks to hand embroider I am hoping to have them done by the new year.


I need to gather the threads for the winter goddess hand embroidery I plan to start this month, the pattern is Earth Mother from Urban Threads here is a link 

img_5291I have her on a pale blue fabric with white snowflakes, I printed the pattern onto a stitch and wash away product instead of tracing the pattern because I didn’t want to miss any of the details trying to trace on a printed fabric even using a light box.  I’m planning to use some beads and possibly metallic threads as well as embroidery floss.  If I like how this turns out I plan to do one for each season using the same pattern, I’ll choose a fabric to reflect the season as well as the threads and beads.

Here is the last piece I did for the 13 Goddesses challenge, this is my version of the Morrigan from the initial tracing of the pattern onto the fabric, using the crayon tint technique, and hand embroidered. You can see I added the raven feathers which I left off when tracing the pattern, probably because I couldn’t see them through the fabric even with the light box.

img_5090img_5093img_5094Early October had me at my doctors office getting the results of the echo cardiogram and good news my heart is pumping at 60% normal range is 50-75%, I do have two leaky valves which I was aware of those are the root of the heart murmurs I’ve had all my life so not really a concern.  However my blood pressure was still elevated after having one of the medications I take increased so I’m now on a third drug for the blood pressure and 3 weeks in I am quite pleased at the results I just hope I can maintain it.

I have made an effort to walk longer and further on my daily walks and I am walking on two different trails for a change of scenery, the photo above is one of the trails which has a wide paved path and is ideal for biking.  I did plan to purchase a new bike this year when the weather grew cooler and now would be the ideal time, so this week I’m going to go bike shopping and then make a space in the garage to store it when its not in use, right now there are 3 large bags of soil waiting for me to winterize the garden that will need to be moved before I can store the bike.

This week I will be attending a quilt show put on by a local quilt guild, they usually put on a nice show and I’m really looking forward to it. For now I will leave you with one of my favorite little poems





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