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Marching to Spring

on March 7, 2017

Is it just me or are the weeks just flying by?  February had me down and out with one nuisance illness or another but all is well and I am finally getting my energy back, the last week of February had me fighting a fever of 103.7 which allowed me to sleep for about 2 days, now I am feeling more of my energy but still tire easily.

So while ill I didn’t get too much done in the garden as I had planned thankfully mother nature took care of some of the work with some heavy rain, lots of sunshine and breezy cool weather and the results are lovely.

My bi-color roses opened the morning of Valentine’s Day and the rhododendron just keeps putting on a beautiful show every morning a few more flowers open.  A few bees have been buzzing around the garden  Spring isn’t too far off.

The  new Greenman piece I am currently working on a for Beltane. It is another hand embroidered piece I am using DMC floss mostly 2 strands, several are variegated and I am taking one strand from two skeins and working them together, all in all I like how the piece looks.

A few weeks ago I attended a wire wrap class to brush up on my wire wrapping skills the class made earrings in a kind of art deco style

For the earrings I used sterling silver wire and pink crystal beads for a spring like feel, I reworked the spirals on one of the earrings so they both look the same. I even made the ear wires.  I had been about 15 years since I worked with wire and all I can say is things have changed in many ways.  The best thing is being able to purchase supplies online when not available locally, having a bead shop in town that carries a variety of wire that is now available, and even big box craft stores are now carrying a large selection of beads, findings and charms.

In the upcoming weeks I plan to attend a few other wire wrapping classes as well as a watercolor painting class, and possibly a pottery class if I can. I haven’t been in a pottery studio for a few years and I am itching to get my hands in the clay again.  For me this Spring is going to be all about creative and artistic expression.


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