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April Moving Swiftly

on April 9, 2017

The month of April is moving swiftly through her days, the first week here in Florida we have had real Spring weather, lots of sunshine  with some rather warm days, a few very rainy days and this week cool temperatures so comfortable you don’t want to go inside.  I love days like that and here in Florida I  have learned to appreciate them because once we move closer to the end of April spring gives way to the heat of Summer until mid October.

There have been my daily walks in the park taking in all Mother Earth has to offer, I’ve rested on a bench to watch the sunrise through the trees on some mornings, on other days I enjoy the lulling sounds of water falling in a man-made structure and marveling at the large oak tree whose limbs have grown so long they have touched the ground to give support and come up with new growth so she looks like she is surrounded by smaller trees, one morning I watched a flock of egrets and heron pecking along oblivious to the humans walking by.

On those few rainy days we had I spent time with my hand embroidery projects finishing one and beginning others and preparing other projects to come.

The moon phases is from a kit by called Lunar Blossom all the embroidery is complete I need to press it, add a fabric backing and I’ll frame it in the hoop for a little wall hanging.  I loved doing this little kit so I ordered the iron on transfer so I could make a few more on different background fabrics. The kit from Cozy Blue came with pre-printed fabric, needle and embroidery floss.

The Goddess piece is my own design culled from 3 other designs I made over the years I wanted to have it completed in time for Beltane. It needs to be framed.  The peace symbol is a Zenbroidery kit which I’ll work on in between my other embroidery projects  just to keep things fresh, I purchased two other kits a tree and a sewing mandala also Zenbroidery kits along with 2 floss and embellishment packets at my local Joann’s Crafts store, I probably won’t use the floss embellishment packets those will most likely make it into my 4 year old grand niece’s craft bin.  Just a quick note the Zenbroidery  kits come with pre-printed design on fabric and a needle it does not include embroidery floss.

My next project is a Venus of Willendorf from a coloring page a friend bought and gifted me recently, I thought she would look great done in hand Embroidery so I started her this week while we were getting heavy rainstorms in the area.  I’m using mostly 2 strands of  DMC floss,

I’m  using a 100% cotton fabric printed in a neutral paisley print. I think she is going to look stunning when she is completed, while I stitch her I’m thinking of ways to finish her. A simple wall hanging, or framed in a antique wooden frame or perhaps an altar cloth or pillow.  I am also stitching with intention for peace and calm to continue in my life so perhaps she will become a prayer flag. Once the final stitches are made I’m sure I will know exactly how she wants to be finished. I’d love to hear your comments.


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