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May Ramblings

on May 17, 2017

The month of May is moving along at a fast pace, the heat of summer is closing in so I need to be extra mindful of the garden when I water my plants.

Beltane was celebrated quietly at home since I was still battling a nasty bug and didn’t want to prolong the illness.  Mother’s Day my son and I spent a few hours at the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville,  it felt good to be out and about walking among nature.

There were several Buddha statues, metal sculptures throughout the winding pathways.  The roses in the herb garden were in full bloom and just lovely. The bamboo garden was spectacular and as you can see many visitor’s to the gardens can’t read or just think the rules don’t apply to them and defaced many of the plants.  The pergola was covered in Jasmine and the scent was intoxicating, there were severl of them and a gazebo also covered in jasmine where I sat for a short rest before continuing on.

There was an area with potted plants and a few bamboo plants for sale I resisted the urge to buy one or two for now, there is a lizard on the girl statue posing for a photo, the rock garden was bursting with cacti and other desert plants, and another Buddha with a beautiful backdrop of bamboo.  All in all it was a beautiful day with sunny skies and a nice breeze to make the stroll comfortable.

The day before Mother’s Day I finished my hand embroidery for the Goddess of Willendorf, the photo shows the piece just off the hoop

She still needs to be ironed and a backing added to the piece for stability, I was planning to make her a prayer flag but I think I will make her a wall hanging instead, may use  wooden dowel or a twig to hand it from I’ll know more as I progress to the finishing stages.  In the mean time I have signed up for the Stitch at Home Challenge put on by the San Francisco School of Needlework and Design in connection with the 50th anniversary Summer of Love celebration.  The Summer of Love took place in 1967 at Golden Gate park in San Francisco.

DMC is a sponsor so once you sign up you can choose 3 embroidery threads from several color palettes, I chose A Whiter Shade of Pale,  I have designed my piece to resemble a poster from that era.  From the SNAD site: We want you to be inspired by the art movements that defined the Summer of Love to express what matters to you now.  Here is a link to the site if you would like to check it out and perhaps join in the stitching fun, you are not limited to just embroidery,  you do have to use the 3 embroidery floss colors in your piece.


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