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July Mid Month

on July 16, 2017

July is just moving along, mid month came so fast though this week the days felt long and exhausting.  The heat and humidity are taking its toll on me this year.

I put in more progress on my Zenbroidery piece

I love the look the variegated threads I’m using, I’m also using 3 strands of floss, I have seen a few using the full 6 strands and for me it just looks so heavy and too crowed.

Progress on the Summer of Love project is going well too, I still have more to finish on the figure at the bottom before I  move on to the next area,  I removed the stitch and wash fabric so the piece looks a bit wrinkled it will all be pressed after the piece is complete.

One of the new projects I am working on is a witch bonnet Sue quilt, here is a look at two of the blocks waiting for embellishing, I will be embroidering the blocks and adding some beads too. Here is a close up of one of the Sue blocks, they are appliqued on using fusible web, don’t you just love the spider webs. I’m thinking may be using some metallic threads around the block.

Here is a look at a traditional Sun Bonnet Sue block I made years ago. As you can see the black threads are all the embroidery I added around the edges, added the lines for socks and umbrella handle and her hands.

When I am not stitching I have been busy reading a few books I purchased while on vacation last month.  I am currently reading and enjoying The Hideaway which was waiting for me at the library the day after I got back from Sanibel Island.

I have another stack of books I purchased while I was away but haven’t dad the time to take photos.  Funny I purchased 4 books to take with me and came back with another 12.  No matter where I vacation I always manage to check out a book shop or two.



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