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Garden and Stitching update

The last week of April I purchased a few new plants to replace the plants I lost in the winter freezes here in Florida. I wanted to have a few plants for my Beltane celebration where each year I do an offering and ritual in my garden for the coming year.  These plants will reside in the front yard to give a bit of color to the drab gray of the house.

I have a few Penta plants and some Lantana for the butterflies, also a lovely and lush Rosemary that was just too fertile to pass by and I love rosemary in my garden and the last of the rosemary that I had planted 4 years ago didn’t make it through the freeze which actually surprised me because it was so well established.  But gardening is always such a surprise.

I purchased 2 lavender plants even though I haven’t had any luck with them, I lost one last week I just don’t think the full sun was agreeable I moved it to partial shade but alas it’s gone.  The other one is doing quite nicely though with all the rain we have had today and yesterday it’s anyone’s guess how it will do.   I did get all the transplanting done for the new plants and the survivors of the winter.  The canna lily is s perennial so I had hoped she would come back, and the 2 caladiums shown in the smaller containers also survived the winter.

I need to snap a few photos of the plants in their new containers which I thought I had done.  The jasmine began to bloom on the spring equinox and last week while I was transplanting the scent of the jasmine was near intoxicating.

She is now full of flowers and just growing in leaps and bounds.  I have to weed around her container this week and maybe re-pot her as well.

I finally completed the hand embroidery on the Green Man piece,  I worked him on natural cotton muslin using 3 strands of DMC floss  890 is the main color with 987 and 986 as accent colors, I wanted the eyes to look amber so I used DMC variegated 111 with 310 black for the pupil.  Now I just need to get a frame. This is a pattern from Urban Threads here is the link:

Last Friday I bought some Weeks Dye Works floss for an upcoming project, plus some DMC variegated to replace the floss I used. The bright green and amber flosses on the end were just colors that caught my eye, the 7 greens in the middle are for one of my next projects, each have a name of an herb or vegetable which will fit in well with one of my ideas.

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Warm Wishes for a Wonderful Beltane.

May you all have a very Happy Beltane

The wheel of the year has turned once more, the day of Beltane stopped at our door.

I wish for you a very magical day, with the blessings of the Goddess sent your way.

And here is a lovely Beltane Chant by Doreen Valiente to share with you this Beltane day.

And my newest hand embroidery piece I have called Entering the Forest on Beltane Eve.

Beltane Blessings to All!

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Happy Easter

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Imbolc and Brigid in Stitches

With Imbolc and Brigid’s Day right around the bend this year I was determined to make several hand embroideries to add to my celebration of the day. 

This first one is for Imbolc and the other one is of Brigid the original artist is Mia Anthonia Fries Ørsted a friend sent me a copy of her drawing and I thought it would be lovely a embroidery, the green batik with Celtic knots I thought would be perfect for the backing fabric.

I do quite a bit of projects with fabric so I thought I would share two little blessings with you.

A tradition of hanging a piece cloth (prayer flag) from a tree for Brigid to bless as she passes by on her day. I hung my prayer flag in a tree, where the sun and wind can lift the words to the spirits, who now and then need to be fed by our praise and thanks. The words were simple as they spiraled across the cloth, in the end asking just one simple thing:

May we be blessed, and through our lives, Bless.

On midwinter’s eve January 31st place a piece of linen or cloth outside. It is said that on this night Brigid travels all over the land and if she sees this cloth she will bless it and give it healing powers you can use this blessing: Let the cloth of life be mended. Let the thread be linked again, restored, cleansed – the forests growing, native plants in field and fen. Let the cloth of life, in beauty, be restored by will to be. People with the plants and creatures, tending earth and sky and sea.

This year I am going to lay several yards of fabric out to receive blessing so I can use the fabric throughout the year when making gifts like embroideries, pray flags and spirit dolls for friends and family.

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These words speak to me deeply

Your magnificent story

Why would you wish
to change the canvas
of your beautiful face
as you age?
Why would you want
to rid yourself
of the unique terrain
you have so deservedly
come to inhabit,
the visible and faithful
testament that you
have lived?
Why would you
not want people to
recognize the multitude
of seasons that
considered you
a worthy dance partner ..
the droughts and harvests,
the winds and storms
that have shaped
your brow,
supplied you with
an enviable furrow,
that have deepened
and softened the gaze
of your sorrowing
and courageous eyes
with tears that shine
in the dark?
Why would you not
want to be that old
gnarly tree that
children can swing from
as you creak?

Why would you want
to betray your own
magnificent story ..
all the things you’ve done,
all the ways you’ve fallen
and gotten back up,
all the ways you’ve said
yes or no to love ..
why would you want
to let someone cut “you”
away and inject you
with the “not you” and
then pay for it?
Why would you want
to not become fully
yourself and be
recognizable to your
ancestors who walked
before you
when you die?

© Poetess (Rachelle Lamb)
Photo: Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonen

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Uncovering: With the Cloak of Many Colors

It’s been quite cold here in north central Florida with gray skies and cold winds blowing through, temps fell into the low twenties all week which of course meant it was time to tuck in the plants

We weren’t fortunate enough to get any of the snow that fell on Tallahassee or Pensacola but I know when I left the house earlier this week I was hit in the face with sleet or maybe a few flurries. I feel a little disappointed each time the temps drop so cold, the skies break gray  and in your heart you just know it is snowing north of where you stand and I long to walk in the beauty where everything covered in white snow surrounded by the silence that usually follows.

I know I could drive north to enjoy the snow, I also know my old bones feel the cold now more than a year ago and those old bones ache deep inside, the arthritis and old bone breaks let me know I’m not missing as much as I think, so perhaps just longing for the snow and reading about it on friends and family blogs is enough for me this year.

A few days ago I was browsing the internet as I do from time to time, reading blogs, looking at posts on Pinterest, reserving a few books for the library reading challenge when somewhere along my web travels I came across this colorful Ruana:

Oh the riot of color, I was enchanted from the moment my eyes fell on the photo, yes that photo above, from Paradox Moon. I saved the photo and posted it on my Facebook along with this one also from Paradox Moon and asked for opinions.

I think I knew I was going to buy it the moment I saw it but I waited a few days I don’t like to make impulse buys.  For days I couldn’t get it out of my mind, I just loved the colors, the embroidery the way it made me feel when I thought about it, something was happening to me I couldn’t explain it but I felt that feeling before a long, long time ago.  Four days after I first laid eyes on it I bought it.  I purchased it on the evening of the first full moon of the year perhaps shedding my old ways to lay a path to start a whole new cycle.

It arrived Thursday afternoon when I wrapped the ruana around me I unwrapped a part of myself  I felt more alive, free and easy. This baffled me to no end could a mere garment cause such a feeling of transformation, I felt awake for the first time in a very long time, not the awake you feel after a long night of sound sleep, but awake to my life the part I seem to have tucked away a while back and somehow I forgot all about.

My friend K left this comment on my FB page It’s gorgeous. You are going to feel so wonderful walking around in it.  She was right, though I felt so much more, I could feel layers of dust fall from me the old stirrings of creativity rumbling from deep down inside me, the potter, the painter, the writer, all long tucked away deep within like my garden plants waiting to be uncovered to the sunlight once again.  I need to hold on to this rediscovery of me , it looks like 2018 is going to be an interesting year.

The link to Paradox Moon:

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Have a Warm and Wonderful Yule

Wishing you a magical Yuletide season, the clock seems to be moving faster with each passing day with life getting a little bit more hectic here for a while.  Between the flu season and the holiday season I don’t think I have had a chance to catch my breath.  Hopefully once the new year rolls around things here will settle down and I can get a few things done.

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Have a Warm and Wonderful Samhain

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